Eligible voters in Kildare will be asked to vote on two potential changes to the constitution this Friday 8th March. Fine Gael Minister and Kildare South TD Martin Heydon is advocating for Yes votes in both cases so a Yes Yes vote on Friday March 8th.
“I believe the two changes we are being asked to consider this Friday will, if passed, modernise our constitution and bring more families under the protection of the constitution. It will also recognise that both women and men have a role in offering care within families and give constitutional recognition to care for the first time.
“The first potential change relates to the definition of family and seeks to expand the definition of the family to recognise that families in Ireland are based on both marriage as well as other lasting, durable relationships. It aims to recognise and respect the equal importance of one parent families, cohabiting couples and their children with married families.
“In daily life, we recognise many different types of families as families, this amendment if passed will allow the Constitution to catch up with this. One parent families, do not currently have constitutional protection.
“The second amendment is related to the provision of care in the home and recognises that both women and men contribute to that care. The amendment removes the dedicated provision that women’s place is in the home and recognises that more women and men have a role in offering care within families.
“The proposed amendment also gives constitutional recognition to care for the first time and puts an onus on this Government and future Governments to continue to improve care.
“As we enter the final week before voting, I am calling on all Kildare residents to ensure they exercise their right to vote this Friday 8th March. Polling stations will be open from 7am to 10pm on Friday. I would ask all voters to consider the facts and information available to them and to vote Yes Yes to modernise our constitution and reflect the fact that out state values and protects all families and all those who provide care in our families,” concluded Minister Heydon.