Fine Gael Kildare South TD, Martin Heydon, has welcomed the new Vehicle Clamping Bill 2014 which seeks to regulate clamping, for the first time, on both public and private lands.

Speaking on the Bill in Dail Eireann yesterday (Thursday) Deputy Heydon acknowledged the huge frustration that has arisen for motorists in dealing with private clamping operators in many towns in Kildare.

“This Bill aims to regulate clamping on public and private property for the first time. The National Transport Authority (NTA) is being given the function of regulating clamping activities including the setting of maximum clamp release and relocation charges. The NTA will also ensure that appropriate signage is provided in areas where clamping is in operation to ensure that motorists are fully advised of any potential charges.

“I welcome this important piece of legislation that will deal with an issue which has long been an irritant to motorists. Most appreciate that clamping can be necessary, but the variety and inconsistency of release charges applied in privately owned car parks is causing serious annoyance and is not acceptable.

“The establishment of a two tier clamping appeals process which will allow anyone with a genuine grievance to have a chance to challenge any unfair treatment is particularly welcome. I have heard of many stories of genuine appeals which receive no hearing at present from clamping companies and I hope the new system will provide motorists with a better system.

“This legislation fulfils commitments made in both the Programme for Government and in Fine Gaels general election manifesto and I am happy to support it.”