I hope that a new online resource for carers will be of great support to people caring for relatives and loved ones in Kildare. The announcement of the new HSE resource comes during the tenth annual National Carer’s Week, which falls during 13th – 19th June this year.

“The new national website dedicated to carers found at http://www.hse.ie/carers,  is a helpful one stop shop for carers, providing them with useful information. It is also a signposting service, pointing carers in the direction of relevant HSE services. These include community services, such as home support and respite; and financial benefits such as the Medical Card, Carers Allowance and the Carers Support Grant (formerly Respite Grant). The website also provides links to the statutory and voluntary organisations working to support carers such as the Family Carers of Ireland, the Department of Social Protection and Citizens Information.

“The site also offers practical tips for carers on looking after their own health and wellbeing, which as we know is hugely important and is something that is often overlooked by carers who are so used to giving their time and resources to others.

“I welcome the fact that carers themselves were involved in developing this website. The HSE’s National Carer Strategy Group consulted with Family Carers Ireland and the Care Alliance in the development of the website, and a number of carers were asked to review the content and provide feedback.

“I hope that people working as carers in Kildare will really see the benefit of this new one stop shop designed to inform and assist them. It is so important that carers feel valued and supported and this initiative is an important element of that.”