Minister Martin Heydon has congratulated 5 Kildare Sports Clubs who have been successful in their appeals for Sports Capital Grants as the results of the 2020 round appeals process was confirmed this morning.

“It can be very disappointing for a club and its officials to be excluded from the list of successful applications when Sports Capital Grants are initially announced so this appeals process is a god send, giving clubs the opportunity to adjust areas of their applications where possible.  In February a total of €5.4m was awarded to 79 Kildare Sports Clubs under the 2020 round of Sports Capital Grants.

“5 additional Kildare Clubs in Athy, Coill Dubh, Kilcullen, Suncroft and Leixlip have now been included in the list of 108 successful clubs nationwide this morning securing combined funding of €307,633.  Projects from dressing rooms, to grass pitch development, astro pitches and a new walking/jogging track can all now start to progress in these Kildare areas.

“Having worked with some of the clubs to assist in the appeals process I know how much this second chance means to them.  I would like to congratulate all the successful clubs and their officials, many of whom are volunteers for their efforts into this process.  I am also happy to assist any club who has still been unsuccessful in the appeals process if they wish to contact me”, concluded Minister Heydon.

County Organisation Project Title Sport Type Provisional Allocation
Kildare Athy Golf Club Short game Area Machinery Golf 59,853.25
Kildare Coil Dubh AFC Coild Dubh AFC Dressing Rooms Soccer 50,800.00
Kildare Kilcullen AFC Kilculen AFC Grass Pitch Development 2022 Athletic 44,472.85
Kildare Leixlip United AFC Leixlip United AFC Astro Pitch Development Soccer 119,338.94
Kildare Suncroft Community Development Ltd Suncroft Community Centre Walking/Jogging Trails Multi-Sport 33,168.27
Total 307,633.31