€4 million has been allocated to Kildare County Council as part of efforts to end long-term vacancy and dereliction in towns across Kildare, as part of a wider €150 million announcement by Government, according to Fine Gael TD and Minister Martin Heydon. Announced as part of the quarterly Housing for All progress update, the funding will be available to local authorities for towns and cities eligible for the Urban Regeneration Development Fund (URDF).

Minister Heydon said: “Today we are announcing a €150 million fund to breathe new life into towns and cities across Ireland. This initiative builds on the actions Fine Gael have taken already. Focusing on dereliction and vacancy makes sense. It has a unique ability to rejuvenate communities in our villages, towns and cities in Kildare and across Ireland. And with this fund, we now have a comprehensive set of measures in place to make sure that everyone – individual buyers, developers and local authorities – have a really good incentive to bring disused properties back into use.”

“Kildare County Council will be granted the full 100% cost for the acquisition of suitable properties identified within our communities, underscoring the government’s strong commitment to enhancing accommodation and tackling dereliction. This complements existing schemes that are aimed at addressing vacancy and dereliction, such as Croí Cónaithe.”

“The quarterly review shows good ongoing momentum this year across Ireland with work starting on 13,000 new homes since January, and record numbers buying their own home, boosted by schemes like Help to Buy & First Home. In Q2 planning permission was approved for over 2,500 homes on State Lands, and €62 million in funding allocated for more than 1,000 student accommodation beds. The first contract was signed under the Croí Cónaithe Scheme to activate building of homes for owner-occupiers. A review of the National Planning Framework has started, along with a public consultation on the future of the Rental Sector in Ireland and the development of a new Action Plan to promote careers in construction.”

“This significant investment of €4 million in Kildare will be a game-changer for our local towns. Kildare has a rich history and vibrant communities, and with this funding, we have the chance to preserve our heritage while creating modern, attractive living spaces for residents and visitors alike. The revitalization of our towns will stimulate economic growth, attract businesses, and enhance the quality of life for our residents.” concluded Minister Heydon.