A detailed survey on the public transport needs in Suncroft has highlighted significant interest in improved Bus Services for the wider Suncroft area, according to Minister Martin Heydon. Minister Heydon carried out the Survey in the Suncroft area recently in conjunction with his colleague Cllr Kevin Duffy.

Minister Heydon said “We were very aware of a need in the Suncroft area for improved bus services so we decided to carry out the survey to determine the level of interest in improved services and to ascertain what services were needed most.

“There was unanimous agreement as to the need for additional services with respondents divided on where new bus services should ink to. While some respondents do use the existing services, the times and destinations are not suitable to the needs of the community.

“The strong preference for morning and evening services indicates that the bus is often not just a convenience but a necessity for the daily routines of the residents. This need is especially pronounced for travel to Newbridge, with almost every respondent emphasising this route, highlighting its importance as a hub for employment, education, and shopping.

“Furthermore, the demand for links that service Dublin, indicated by over 65% of respondents, underscores the community’s need for broader connectivity to the capital, which could be facilitated by further connection to local transport hubs like Newbridge.

“We have gathered all information from the survey and submitted it to the National Transport Authority to push for increased services in the Suncroft area. We know the really positive impact that such services have made to other towns and villages across South Kildare and we want to ensure that Suncroft also receives those benefits.”

“Our survey showed a clear community consensus on the need for a more reliable and suitably timed bus service. The current lack of options for commuters is a significant gap in public transport that, if addressed, is guaranteed to boost bus use across the village.

“The strong indication of increased usage of an improved service in the area offers a substantial incentive for National Transport Authority to create a service in the Suncroft area, ensuring that the Suncroft need for mobility and connectivity are met and we will continue to push for that,” Minister Heydon concluded.