I spoke in the Dail today setting out my views on Irish Water and its current position following the discussion with Fianna Fail on Government Formation.

I have always believed in a single utility for water and the need for a charging mechanism for us to adequately address deficits in provision of a quality water and waste water system.

In a short period of time Irish Water is getting to grips with issues in Kildare South such as raw sewage spilling out in local estates, bringing about solutions much quicker and for less money because of the economies of scale that a single entity brings.

The future of Irish Water and its charging mechanism will now come under more scrutiny and review.

Those who wish to see it abolished will have to provide solutions.  They will have to show how to address the 950,000 households of the population who have paid their charges to date.

They will have to make suggestions as to how those in businesses or on group water schemes and or with private wells and septic tanks be treated. It will not be possible to go back to the old inequity of some people paying for water and others not.

I look forward to a process where I will continue to advocate for a single entity to manage our water services in this Country that is properly funded to drive the investment we need. I look forward to a process that will call out the bluffers and spin doctors who tell us we can have everything for nothing and I hope for a debate where the facts will dominate and help inform public opinion.